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interview shoes watched an interesting report from Channel 4 News last night. the report looked at research from The Work Foundation which points to a steady decline in middle-income jobs in the UK.

as a consequence of this trend, more and more skilled and experienced job seekers are faced with bumping down to unskilled, low-paid work with no prospects or benefits. bumping down has long-term effects on the economy, reverses social-mobility, and is expected to sharply polarise British politics in the future.

Gary Gibbon’s report is here.





interview shoes loves receiving personalised email.

makes her feel quite special.

barefoot in the garden

how long should interview shoes wait between sending in her CV and beautifully crafted covering letter to recruitment agent and getting on the phone to query said agent’s lack of response?

it has, after all, been three days

the silence is a knowing one; it means

interview shoes, your application is utterly without merit

so much might be true. interview shoes does not want to waste anyone’s time – least of all her own.

would not waste time applying for a job that involved juggling, or fixing things on walls straight, or working with dogs.

the agent might be on holiday. or unwell. or in a meeting for the third day running… these agents are busy, busy, busy.

but what do you bet he’s not?

email from recruitment agent this morning asking for a photo of interview shoes to brighten his office wall.

we never meet…

he complains.

interview shoes considers his offer,

the collage of curled up photos on his wall,

the smiles that never slip.


a shot of my shoes – maybe he’d like that.

but no. then again not.

thanks for asking anyhow.

winter boots


just had an email from a recruitment agency:

…killed creative staff required.

interview shoes thinks she’ll give that opportunity a miss.

thanks anyway.

interview shoes